Why we're different - ABOUT JELLIE

We’re thrilled to have you here at Jellie, a family-run business started by Louise, an Australian mum of two adorable children, Jack and Ellie—hence the name, Jellie!

As a mum, I always want the best for my kids, but finding the right products can be a challenge. Whether they were too pricey, hard to get from overseas, or just not quite right for us, it was frustrating to see amazing products that were out of reach. I knew what my kids and I needed, but those products were often inaccessible or came with huge shipping costs to get them to Australia.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and bring high-quality, useful products to other mums, all within a budget. As a full-time working mum, I understand the mental load and time pressures we all face. My goal with Jellie is simple: to offer products that make life easier for mums, because let’s face it, we have enough on our plates.

Why the Elephant?

The elephant holds a special place in our hearts. It’s Jack’s favourite animal and was my favourite toy growing up—a plush pink elephant that my kids still cherish today. If you look closely, you might spot her in our product photos. We felt there was no better icon to represent Jellie.

The Origins of the Jellie Collect

I’ve tried countless breastmilk pumps, shells, and collection devices, but nothing seemed just right. When I discovered the Jellie Collect wearable breast pump, it finally ticked all the boxes: safe, comfortable, discreet, easy to clean, wearable, kick-proof, and capable of collecting great volumes. I thought, “Wow, this is amazing—I have to share it with other mums!” And that’s how Jellie was born, with the Jellie Collect as our flagship item.

Our Mission

Jellie is proudly Australian-owned and run by a working mum of two. Our mission is to bring the best baby products from around the world to Australian mums. Frustrated with long shipping times and expensive postage, we started Jellie to provide better access to quality baby items for Aussie mums.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Jellie! We’re excited to bring you more baby items that make motherhood just a little bit easier. Stay tuned by following us on social media or subscribing to our newsletter for updates on our latest products.

Warm regards,


Founder of Jellie