How to Increase Breast Milk Supply with Jellie Products


As a new mum, it's common to worry about whether you're producing enough breast milk for your baby. At Jellie, we understand this concern and want to help. Our range of products, including breast milk ice trays, reusable breast milk silicone storage bags, a large silicone storage bag for pump and accessories, and the wearable breast pump, Jellie Collect, can help you increase your milk supply and make breastfeeding a more comfortable experience for both you and your baby.


Here are some tips to increase your breast milk supply:

Feed more often with Jellie Collect

Breastfeeding works on a supply and demand basis. The more milk that is removed from your breasts, the more milk your breasts will make. Jellie Collect wearable breast pump can help you achieve this by allowing you to collect more milk discreetly whilst feeding and also relieve full breasts while going about your day. Any extra milk collected can be easily stored with Jellie's breast milk ice trays and reusable breast milk silicone storage bags to be given to your baby at a later time. 


Offer your baby more breastfeeds

Feeding your baby whenever they need it will help them get all the milk they need to grow and develop. As mentioned above, breastfeeding works on a supply and demand basis. A baby is much more efficient at emptying the breast than a pump, so get them on the boob as often as you can. Don’t forget to pop your Jellie collect on the opposite breast so that you don’t waste your previous liquid gold into a nursing pad or bra. 


How to Increase Breast Milk Supply with Jellie Products

Feed from both breasts

In the early days, your baby may be content with only one breast. But fairly soon, most babies will need more. By feeding from both breasts your baby will finish the first breast before switching to the second. If your baby does not drink much from the second breast, the Jellie Collect can be popped on to help relieve uncomfortable feelings of fullness and continue to boost your supply. 


Help your baby get the milk

A baby who is well attached is more able to drain the breast well. Jellie Collect's comfortable design ensures a good attachment and deep suction at the breast by allowing your baby lying across your chest, making it easier for your baby to get the milk they need. Additionally, while your baby is feeding, you can use breast compressions to help them get more milk.

Don't forget to check your milk supply regularly with the tips below:

  • Offer little ‘snack’ feeds
  • If your baby is awake, you can offer little ‘snack’ feeds without waiting for them to cry for them.
  • Feed according to your baby’s needs
  • Feed according to your baby’s needs rather than following a feeding schedule.
  • Check your baby’s weight gain
  • Long night sleeps can also decrease your baby's milk intake and weight gain. You might consider waking your baby during the night to feed or fit in extra daytime feeds.

With Jellie's range of products, you can increase your breast milk supply and make breastfeeding more comfortable and convenient for both you and your baby. Jellie products also provide a safe and convenient way to store any of the breastmilk you express. 

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